February Frolics and March Madness

February 2020 turned out to be quite busy with visits to Felixstowe, Haughley Park Light Festival and Anglesey Abbey together with a very wet afternoon watching England Women v Spain Women with a number of grandchildren at Carrow Road.

Old Felixstowe Ferry

Haughley Park Lights

Anglesey Abbey NT

Lovely days at Felixstowe and Anglesey Abbey but a very wet evening at Haughley Park as webmistress, Amy will testify!

So we move into March, which is the month for sorting out the garden after winter and starting to sow seeds. The first few days were not really gardening weather so spring cleaning continued. We started this in early February - quite amazing for us really! Very pleased to have cleaned the whole of the kitchen, decorated the Bathroom and cleaned though the lounge. We do a have lot of nice glass and steins to wash. This is the sort of exciting stuff we do in our lives!

Did manage to get some garden tasks done as the weather improved THEN I had a sore throat and by Tuesday this week a positive Covid test and a cough.😟😟 So no March photos so far but may get some from the garden now the daffodils are starting to come out. Now banished mostly to the Study and one bedroom. Many grandchildren are also testing positive, as are people locally. Everything cancelled this week including table tennis coaching for our large juniors group. Very lovely neighbour brought us milk today - so  thoughtful. Hopefully back to normal by the middle of next week.