Grant the Elf: His 2020 Christmas Adventures: Days 8 to 14

Day 8 and Grant is seen upside down on the bird feeders. He is either very hungry or now  thinks he is a bird. Our feathered friends were not too impressed, and next door's cat was totally confused and couldn't work out if it was a bird, rat or mouse.

Day 9 and Grant finds the Nativity scene has been set up and decides to join it . Probably thinks he is a sheep today!

It's Day 10 and the weather has improved so Grant joins Mr. Nettles in the garden. He seems to be in his element despite failing to get his waterproof plastic bag on properly. He hope the new Strawberry plants fruit well next year. You really don't need that mask on in the garden Grant!

A question was raised by one of the lovely people from the Suffolk in Focus FB group about the lack of dirt on Grant's mitts. Of course it was explained that elves have magic powers so don't get dirty. Or it could have been that he just didn't do much. Media influencers can't afford to get mucky, he said.

Day 11 and, as if in response to another comment from Suffolk in Focus folk, Grant is away with the fairies. He managed to reach the top of the Christmas tree without damaging any of the tree ornaments which was just as well or he may have received the sharp end of Mrs Nettles tongue. 

Day 12. This was the day where everything changed. Grant was caught embracing another elf! .Yes, it's Sparkle the Stowmarket Elf. No good hiding in the crackers, you have been rumbled. He must have smuggled her into the car on a brief emergency visit to the Stowmartians the week before. That is very, very bad Grant. Our antipodean friend seemed to think "embracing" was a euphemism for something else. Don't know what she means, but maybe they are less subtle in NZ! Did explain that this adventure has to be child friendly.

Day 13, and unlucky for some, but maybe not elves. Grant and Sparkle are now "an item" and are engaging in the blameless task of helping string up the Christmas cards.

It's Day 14 and only about 10 days of mayhem left (thank goodness; running out of ideas).

Anyway, today Grant and Sparkle ventured into the windy garden to help hang out the washing but have pegged themselves to the to the line as well. Silly elves.