Grant the Elf: His 2020 Christmas Adventures: Days 15 to 25

Day 15: Grant seems to be decorating the old Christmas tree. But wait, look carefully. Grant has gone all romantic and is giving Sparkle a red rose.

Day 16: Grant & Sparkle volunteer to help Mr. Nettles tidy the greenhouse but spend more time playing hide and seek in the chillies.

Day 17: Grant & Sparkle help to marzipan the Christmas cake. They are getting rather covered with icing sugar as is Mrs Nettles.

Day 18: Grant & Sparkle are helping tidy the garage and find the hibernating gnomes. They wake them up and insist on a photo call. That is very naughty elves!

Day 19: As it turned out sunny this afternoon Grant & Sparkle decide to have a go on the water chute but hadn't realised that the water had been turned off for the winter. You need to plan ahead elves!! At least they didn't need rescuing from the pond!

Day 20: Oh no! They are at it again! Sneaking into the car to help deliver Christmas presents (socially-distanced of course) to the Stowmartians. Only 4 days of naughtiness left now!

Day 21: Grant & Sparkle join the Nativity choir for a festive rendition of "Frosty the Snowman".

Day 22: Grant & Sparkle have become habitual stowaways and were found posing on the "turkey" outside Hog & Hen (Stonham Aspal) when we came out with our Christmas turkey and sprouts.

Day 23: Grant & Sparkle help decorate human Grant's summer hat with festive floral decorations. He was most impressed and left the socially-distanced Christmas present exchange happily wearing it.

Day 24: Grant & Sparkle are surprised to find that Hopbines has a moat this morning. As it is their last day they decide some improvised boating would be fun!!

Day 25: Grant & Sparkle catch the night train back to their shelf in the frozen north. Bye-bye you naughty elves, see you next year.
As they go on their merry way Grant & Sparkle hope you have enjoyed their adventures this year, and thank all of you who have liked and/or commented on their adventures, and also those who have looked but kept a low profile. Happy Christmas day everyone. x