Lock-down 2

 Surprise, surprise, it's me again. Another random blog post for your delectation.

So here we are in November some 4 months since my last post. A lot has happened in those 4 months as we moved from 1st lock-down through a summer of holidays - we managed three in thee months - August, September and October - to 2nd lock-down starting yesterday on 5th November. To celebrate the start of another month of no stress here at Hopbines we had a bonfire or it could be that it was Guy Fawkes  or that we really did need to burn the enormous pile of garden stuff which we, and our neighbours, had accrued over the spring and summer. Anyway it was a lovely cold and frosty morning with a line of mist over the field. A perfect morning for a bonfire. And here it is.

053078 Bonfire 
053082 Bonfire

.... and here we are on 1st December on the final day of Lockdown 2. Despite the often poor weather we have managed to get quite a lot done during November. The big hedge between ourselves and our neighbour has been cut - by me on our side and the top. The front borders have mostly been weeded and around 40 barrow-loads of our kind neighbour's compost has been deposited thereupon. 

Hopbines Front Border - Looking good for November!

Walks and an accidental photo project were a daily challenge but did get us out of the house every day. Looking forward to wandering a bit further afield when Lockdown 2 ends tomorrow. In the meantime here are a few more Lockdown photos.

053131 Sunset from Sheepgate Lane,

053262 The Wood, Daisy Green

053280 Rose, Hopbines Garden

That's it for now. see you soon.


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