February 10th 2021 - Snow

Lockdown 3, Day 35 (or thereabouts), and it's nearly a month since my last blog. So what has been happening over there at Hopbines I hear you cry. Well, very little.

The highlight has been that we have both had our Covid jabs. Obviously Woolpit Health Centre are well ahead of the game as there is no way I come into the top priority group for vaccination! Following an exciting drive along the icy backroads to Woolpit Business Park on Sunday last, the organisation and speed with which everyone was manoeuvred through the vaccination Drive-thru was most excellent. Huge thank you to all those giving the jabs, and the volunteers assisting with paperwork and car organising. It was a freezing cold day but everyone was very kind and courteous. Thank you Woolpit Heath Centre team.

Not much has happened gardening-wise although a start has been made on trimming the back hedge. Both sheds are leaking as the roofing felt couldn't cope with the amount of rain we have had here. I hear that December and January combined were the wettest two December/January's we have had for 100 years. So that's another job to go on the "To Do" list for the Spring.

That brings me to the recent snow and freezing weather.  We had walked almost every day since the start of the New Year but it has been too icy on the roads for the last few days, although I did venture out yesterday to take some photos. So here are a few from the recent spells of snow. Looking forward to some warmer weather and being able to get back into the garden.

053552 Snow & Ice on Bird Feeder, Hopbines Garden, Long Thurlow, Suffolk

053556 Snow on Rosehips, Hopbines Garden

053561 Trees in Snow, Sheepgate Lane, Long Thurlow Area, Suffolk

053563  Cottage in snow, Sheepgate Lane, Long Thurlow Area, Suffolk

Will write again after Boris has announced the next stages of, hopefully, getting back to some kind of normal.