It's 2021 - still at but all new.

Today is 4th January 2021. So far little has happened in 2021 except that my new website has been launched, and you can now all see my Blog through the website. Excellent work, Amy. That's all the Amy compliments done for the launch as I don't want her to get too carried away with her success! 

Haven't taken any photos yet this year as the weather has been too nasty, so here is  one from New Year's day 2020 at Felixstowe.

050808 Dock Cranes, Felixstowe, Suffolk.

The Suffolk in Focus FB group theme for January  is "Close to Home". Probably a good call, but we await Boris' announcement later this evening.


  1. Looking good John - I will be following!

    1. Thanks Sharon - one person following at least then!. Hope all is well with you.


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