Grant the Elf 2023

 Day1: Grant is surprised to arrive at Hopbines Manor by festive, flying fire engine due to the train drivers strike and even more so to land on the hen house roof. We are even more surprised as we were told he wouldn’t be appearing this year.

Day 2: We all know Grant likes a tipple and he is greatly indebted to a bloke called Glen from “Suffolk in Focus” Facebook Group who has included “Wine” in the December theme. Early on the Pinot for Grant this year then. Cheers Glen!

Day 3: The festive, flying fire engine caused so much trauma in the hen hut that one of the girls fell off her perch and passed away. Grant tries to console the rest of the flock.

Day 4: Grant is shocked to see that Hopbines Manor has invested in a real Christmas Tree and new lights this year, but he is still in Amy’s way as she trims up the tree.

Day 5: Look who was found in the fridge this morning trying to eat Amy’s Bakewell tart!

Day 6: Yesterday Grant spent the day exploring Bury St Edmunds. He made friends with the pigeons, ignored the “Keep Off the Grass” sign, and then had a climb up the Abbey Gate. Good job the Park keepers didn’t see him!

Day 7: Grant helps “The Lord” Nettles to plant a special rose – Golden Wedding – and becomes rather attached to it!

Day 8: Having climbed the plum tree Grant contemplates a high dive into rather full land drain. Don’t do it Grant!!

Day 9: Grant takes one look at the very wet weather and decides to stay in bed for the day.

Day 10: In a shocking reversal of laziness Grant slips out early to watch the sunrise from yet another tree! Being vertically challenged this seems to be the only way he can get a human perspective.

Day 11: Grant is so interested in the insect-eating pitcher plant that he doesn’t notice who is behind him looking on. Think you need to get your act together Grant. An opportunity missed!

Day 12: Grant decides to help with hoovering the Christmas Tree pine needles out of the car boot but manages to get them on his face and his hand stuck up the hoover!

Day 13: Grant visits Helmingham Hall Christmas lights with the family he is with again this year. He enjoys a view of the beautifully lit hall, is introduced to Mistletoe (in case he needs it in future), finds a bright seat, has his photo taken with his creator and imbibes in too much mulled wine.

Day 14: Grant thinks he’s a hero by helping to get ready for the BSETTC Juniors Christmas fun evening but is really more interested in eating their sweets. Naughty Grant!

Day 15: Grant has stowed away in the car again and is now trying to help unload the shopping. More likely he looking for something to eat! Other supermarkets are available.

Day 16: Grant visits Cousin Bernard in Ipswich, and they climb to the top of Bernard’s Christmas tree (seems to be a theme with Grant again this year!) to try and see the “big match” They can hear the roar of the crowd but can’t see over the top of the stands – but then they are over a mile away!! Not your best ever plan elves!

Day 17: After the excitement of the” big match” Grant spends the day with his snowmen friends exploring the Christmas presents under the tree. They are not for you Grant! His throat is rather saw from all the shouting yesterday (in-family joke!).

Day 18: Grant is chatting to his icy friends when he spots Fuchsia. He goes all starry-eyed and decides to make his first move – which doesn’t go well! Think you need to improve your technique, Grant! 

Day 19: Grant decides to visit his hairstylist in an effort to improve his appearance to woo Fuchsia. She is very surprised when she realises he is follically challenged but he takes matters into his own hands attempting a DIY coiffure. Good luck with that Grant!

Day 20: Today Grant thinks he will try to improve his standing with Fuchsia by climbing the steps and helping clean the windows. An unfortunate slip on a wet step leaves Fuchsia, who is watching on, very unimpressed. At least you are trying Grant!

Day 21: Somehow Grant has persuaded Fuchsia to go on a date with him. A shopping bag in the car in a supermarket car park is not very romantic Grant!!

Day 22: Real-life Grant and his fiancée real-life Sally come to dinner and are visibly annoyed that Grant and Fuchsia are helping themselves to their puddings. Later the Grants are just being “laddish” (childish some would say) whilst Sally and Fuchsia indulge in some serious girl-talk.

Day 23: Grant and Fuchsia sit by the pond on a sunny winter’s day and Fuchsia tells Grant her BIG secret. “Fuchsia” is only a nickname, and her real name is ……………

Day 24: Grant and “Fuchsia” spend their last day at Hopbines Manor taking a nostalgic look around at the decorations with their Christmas friends.

Day 25: Grant and “Fuchsia”, whose real name is ….. Sally (didn’t see that coming! Well, probably everyone did!) leave on the Flying Gnomesman/Fire Engine for a new life together in Elfin/Fairyland. Bye bye Grant. Bye bye “Fuchsia” Sally. Enjoy wherever you spend your future Christmases. Your work at Hopbines Manor is done.


Real-life Grant and real-life Sally are getting married in the Autumn of 2024. A Suffolk wedding, for a Suffolk couple. We all send you both lots of love and best wishes for your married life together.

Final photo of a smiling Sally & Grant.